About the Books

The Benefits of Future-Bookz

Future-Bookz is a library of books designed to assist people to improve their “every day” reading and writing skills.

The books are created to be highly engaging for older readers.

Our products inspire people to positively engage with written texts, both paper documents and/or electronic documents.

Each chapter contains a variety of learning activities that are inspired by various aspects of the Australian Curriculum: English, Science and more

Australian literacy in 2012 for ages 15 to 64 years was 43.2% of males and 43.9% of females with a poor literacy competency.

In spite of record spending by all Australian governments that position is getting worse every year. (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012)

Future-Bookz are designed to be interactive so that the student who is adding in their content into the “Expert author developed book” can achieve a pleasing result which they can share with friends and family.

As the student builds their book, with the help of a ###“Mentor”###, they can view the “Task description, “ Edit your content” and also “View mentoring help” from tabs that are on each page they are editing. (###  link to the Mentor page)

A range of titles are being developed to provide many areas of interest to motivate readers to improve their “reading literacy”.

Additional books can be written for specific purposes

Need a customised training package for business, government agency or any other audience?

We can help and also incorporate an audited assessment component with analytics and reporting, using our Assessifix protocols.