I know someone with poor literacy

How will this help me?

This is a structured way to help you make a positive difference to someone who has difficulty with reading and writing.

Allows you to act as a mentor to someone you care for, to encourage them and see progress in their learning and life skills.

It is easier for a student to seek guidance from a mentor they trust.

If you know someone who finds it difficult to do any of these things:

1. Filling out an application form.

2. Writing their name on a document

3. Reading a newspaper or magazine.

4. Helping their kids to do their school homework.

5. Reading social media posts and replying to them.

6. Reading the safe working practices at a job.

7. Reading the label of a chemical bottle to to note safe handling methods.

8. Reading the label of their medication for correct dosage and safe usage.

You may also wish to look at the reading writing hotline site as it provides useful services for adults seeking English language, literacy and numeracy referral information along with advice and support.